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The Center for Digital Technologies is constantly contributing to new directions for industry professional, partners and students. The salaries related to digital technology are as variable as its applications. The median salary as reported by Payscale is $59,000. As we continue to develop our metrology capabilities we continue to research the industry and various sources report:

  • Metrology Technician...   $38,000/$42,000
  • Measurement Technician...   $48,000
  • Metrologist Calibration Technician...   $71,000

The actual number of jobs in metrology are unlimited in New Mexico because of the diversity and endless applicability of the field, especially if one is imaginative and practical. Again one who wishes to excel and grow in metrology need be proficient in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

Other areas strongly influenced and regulated by digital technology and metrology:

  • Construction
  • Communications
    (digital networks, cell phone production, satellite engineering)
  • Energy
  • Automobile Mechanics
  • Aeronautics
  • Law
  • Forensics
  • Film
  • Weaponry
  • Space Travel
  • Architecture (weatherization)
  • Medical Research
  • Substance Regulation

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