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Navajo Technical University's Center for Advanced Manufacturing is engaged in several projects utilizing exciting cutting edge technology. The projects conducted at the CAM include projects with industry, institutional projects, student projects, community projects and search.

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Watch videos consist of projects, CAM activities, and student testimonials.

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CAT is utilizing hi-tec equipment for metrology education. Students not only learn Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing but also gain hands-on experience with sophisticated metrology equipment. Laser Scanning, white light scanning, Laser Tracker, Portable Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), Computed Tomopgrahy (CT scanning) as well as metrology hand tools are used within the curriculum

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See the workshops offered by NTU and the CAM. Workshops offered in various areas of technology and software. If you are interested in having us provide a workshop in a particular area, please ask!


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Marcie Vandever (pictured), presenting the fundamentals of Keyence Microscope while via Webex (video conferencing) Keyence



"One of the things NTU has long believed is that by developing strong relationships with private industry, we can create a model for combating generational poverty. This model will bring not only honor on those who partner with us, giving them unique marketing opportunities, but can also help demostrate how good corporate citizenship can help improve society."

"Today we both celebrate and roll up our sleeves to work at developing a new industry on the Navajo nation, to enhance economic development, workforce expansion, and the opportunity for our Navajo students to become a part of the exploding industry of Advanced Manufacturing."

"We offer our Advanced Manufacturing Lab to serve as the hub for education, research, training, apprenticeships, and internships and look forward to helping coordinate facilities on the Navajo Nation such as testing, metrology, and high volume production."

President Elmer Guy, Aug 2018

Center for Advanced Manufacturing is a member of QCAM Consortium.


QCAM Consortium
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces NM, 88003

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