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Welcome to the Navajo Tech Center for Advanced Manufacturing, the leader in science and technology cultivation in the southwest region. Our students earn hands on experience with cutting edge technology for professional integration by qualified faculty. NTU students do not simply learn, they design, create and empower through our state of the art mentorship, internships and projects. Students are encouraged to "teach and learn" between each other in a way that enhances our curriculum. Before completion of a certificate or degree, our students are empowered with diverse experiences that distinguish them in the professional world. Our unique formula of learning tools available on campus propel them in a rapidly changing word of digital technology. This learning environment is proven effective as we have the highest retention in graduation rates amongst any other tribal college or university.

Our university is safe and open to the public. Although we are located on the Navajo Nation we host students and innovators from all over the world. Additionally, we have a financial aid department dedicated to assisting students in obtaining assistance, grants, and scholarships. If you are interested in excelling in science, technology, engineering or mathematics our Center for Advanced Manufacturing is for you.

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What makes Navajo Technical University innovative?

Navajo Tech utilizes distinct methodologies to influence experiential learning that leads to high levels of success.

  • Award Winning Education
    • Aspen Top 120 Community College in US
    • Rated 4.2 Stars by our Students
  • Great Value College's ranking of the 100 Most Affordable Small Colleges West of the Mississippi
    • Placed 2nd
  • Recognized By BestValueSchool's.org
    • 4th out of 23 institutions of higher education
  • Lab Facilities
    • STEAM Lab
    • Fabrication Lab
  • Native Ways of Learning
    • Natural abilities are enriched through a cycle of learning, designing, prototyping, reflecting and iterating learning material as they develop solutions to challenges and bring their ideas to life. After completion, students learn national industry methodologies as well as gain culturally appropriate knowledge that can be applied to the local workforce.
  • Workplace Readiness
    • Students operate under work disciplines in ways they apply technical skills and resolve issues with projects to meet business, government and entrepreneurial expectations


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The Center for Advanced Manufacturing is constantly contributing to new directions for industry professional, partners and students. The salaries related to digital technology are as variable as its applications. The median salary as reported by Payscale is $59,000. As we continue to develop our metrology capabilities we continue to research the industry and various sources report:

  • Metrology Technician...   $38,000/$42,000
  • Measurement Technician...   $48,000
  • Metrologist Calibration Technician...   $71,000

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