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Why our students are successful?

Students who attend TCUs are more likely to achieve their educational goals than those who attended mainstream institutions directly after high school. NTU students are more involved and their knowledge gained exceeds introductory levels as their environment has reduced distractions and increased growth opportunities.

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  • Extended Learning Opportunities, Constant Discovery
    • Workshops and demonstrations from guest speakers create awareness of how these technologies are used in engineering, manufacturing, architecture and geographic information systems.
  • Low Cost Formal Training
    • Many in this field do not get to train with equipment until they are hired or are in a master program however, our students get to work with top industry equipment and software as part of the throughout their college experience at NTU.
  • Instructor to Student Ratio
    • Classes do not exceed 30 students. This allows students more attention in the classroom. Instructors are also available to the students on a regular schedule for additional guidance.


How do I know if NTU Center for Digital Technologies is for me?

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