Manufacturing a Balance Between Technology and Culture  
A look into the capabilities of NTU's Center for Digital Technologies as it addresses the economic challenges of the Navajo Nation through Advanced Manufacturing.

QDP Interview - H. Scott Halliday (October 5th 2018)  
Quality Live Digest - H. Scott Halliday Interview (October 5th, 2018).

Student Testimonials

Advanced Manufacturing Testimonial - Wynona Wilson  
Navajo Technical University student Wynona Wilson discusses her Advanced Manufacturing program and explains the work she does while working in the fields of laser scanning, addictive and subtractive manufacturing, 3D printing and modeling

Electrical Engineering Testimonial - Nicholas J. Begay  
Student Nicholas J. Begay discusses his Electrical Engineering program and the hands-on work he does in NTU's Center for Digital Technologies and the projects he works on.

Center for Digital Technologies Testimonial - Candace Craig  
NTU graduate Candace Craig discusses her experience in NTU's Advanced Manufacturing program and the work she's done in the Center for Digital Technologies, including work for NASA

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