Research Assistants


Adriane Tenequer is the Materials Lab Coordinator specializing in Tensile testing using Instron & DLC system and recently graduated in the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.



Joshua Toddy is an Industrial Engineering and has been with the fabrication lab for 2.5 years also a field of interest in Additive Manufacturing.



Eric Bailey is a Research Assistant is a Research Assistant for 2 years and earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Manufacturing and works with a variety of CAD software including projects in laser scanning, reverse engineering , 3D printing, metrology and simulations/topology optimization in ANSYS.



Marcie Vandever is a dual major at Navajo Technical University and is a Research Assistant with assisting in research projects, machinery, & software.



Wynona Wilson attended Navajo Technical University from the spring of 2012 to the spring of 2020. During that time, Wynona received her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology-Digital Manufacturing, now known as Advanced Manufacturing. She also received her Associates of Applied Science in both Information Technology Technician and Building Information Modeling. Her current project is working with the Inspire software, particularly with the optimzation feature. This feature allows Wynona to help with structural designs, strength maximization and material mininalization. These skills will help with determining which characteristics of a part are better suited for either machining or additive manufacturing. 

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