Priority 1

Education Support: The NTUCAM will provide STEM programs the infrastructure to implement experiential learning, hands-on projects and practical application to classroom theory. The NTUCAM will provide internship opportunities for students in metrology, materials properties and characterization, additive manufacturing and machining.

Goals and Objectives

1. Equip the Center with eqiupment relevant to advanced manufacturing based curriculum 

  1. Support Metrology Education (New Building)
    1. TEA grant to help equip lab
    2. Other grants to supprt 
    3. Create educational Lab
  2. Support Materials Education (New Building)
    1. TEA grant to help equip lab
    2. Other grants to support 
  3. Support Machining Education (Fabrication Lab)
    1. TEA grant to help equip lab
    2. Other grants to assist
  4. Support Additive Manufacturing (Fabrication Lab)
    1. TEA grant to help equip lab
    2. Other grants to assist
    3. Purchase Metal machine

2. Create an institutional culture

  1. Engage all faculty, staff and students
  2. Create together culturally responsive education

3. Map NTU CAM curriculum 

  1. Adjust curriculum content to reach the goals of Navajo Nation (plant or small manufacturing design, material properties skills and knowledge, metrology skills and knowledge, pathway to research with academia)
  2. Adjust curriculum content to reach the goals of NTU

Priority 2

Research: To develop a comprehensive research agenda which arises from the projects and focus of the Center. Research will leverage and build upon the Center's equipment and materials and previous research.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Lab personnel 
    1. Develop Organizational Chart to manage labs (developed)
  2. Additive Manufacturing Research
    1. Research grants
    2. Industry Mentor/student collaboration grant opportunities 
      1. NSF - Jody Chase
    3. Senior students build research portfolios, working with industry mentor
  3. Research Activities 
    1. Students working in lab conducting research
  4. Research planning
    1. Develop a comprehensive research strategic plan, which details resources needed, funding possibilities, industry mentors, and NTU priorities 
    2. Involved NN and other stakeholders in research plan

Priority 3

Industry Partnerships: To create a national and international sphere of sphere of partners that support and are supported by the Advanced Manufacturing infrastructure at NTU and on the Navajo Nation

Goals and Objectives

  1. Develop Industry Partnerships in Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Internships (industry based internships)
  3. Apprenticeships
  4. Workforce development

Priority 4

Economic Sustainability: Develop and implement a revenue generation strategy that ensures the creation of a new economic structure on the Navajo Nation.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Develop the LLC arm of NTU to enable revenue generation
    1. Tony
  2. Build the infrastructure to engage in contracting for services and research 
    1. Certification
    2. Training
  3. Create a plan for Services:
    1. Metrology/inspection services
    2. Material testing and characterization services
    3. Prototyping using 3D printing polymers and metals
    4. Research revenue
    5. Metal AM services

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