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Metrology is the science of measurement. This particular science is usually integrated with other sciences, mathematics and engineering. When considering job opportunities for metrologists one should remember the nature of the field is dynamic, practical and applicable to anything that can be measured. Still, we see careers in metrology fall into three general focuses: These are scientific, industrial and legal. The objective of scientific metrology is to standardize measurements and create new means to measure. This includes laboratory work and testing to constantly achieve new results and create new equipment for new forms of measurement.

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Industrial metrology is concerned with the testing and improvement of products for government and private agencies. Positions can include anything from a Process Engineer for failure analysis to, Film Technique Metrologist, Calibration Technician, Metrology Equipment Technician and Quality Supervisor are all positions that fall into industrial metrology which supplies most jobs in the total field of metrology. The industrial focus requires the metrology being performed to be of value to many people and our program distributes precise information that develops metrology specialist ideal for consult by many industries.


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